Traditional Marketing Agency vs a Digital Marketing Agency UK

Digital Marketing Agency UK

At Wecan Media, a digital marketing agency UK based company, we want to show you the massive benefits of our digital marketing and we’re going to do this by explaining the huge differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Level playing field

First and foremost when it comes to digital marketing, it can instantly put you on a level playing field with a much larger competitor. Small businesses have often found themselves struggling when it comes to competing with a bigger business simply because they can’t compete with their extras and often better showcased products, however online; all it takes is a well-designed and clear navigable website to really take the lead. Online, the size of your business is irrelevant, the user experience however, is key.

Lower your costs

Digital marketing can also often lower your costs. With advertisement now in local papers reaching into the hundreds of pounds brackets, with a somewhat targeted audience too, advertising has become expensive. Not to the mention the fact that you need multiple ads to really reach a wide variety of people, such as the Yellow Pages, Thompsons etc. It mounts up quicker than expected. Whereas with digital marketing, not only are you cutting the cost by creating simply one site, but you’re also reaching a huge and quite unlimited audience too, this alone shows digital marketing to be the logical step forward.

Social media sites major factor

How often do you see the leaflets you posted through peoples doors, or that you paid to be put into papers get passed around by your customers? Not often do you? But how many times do you see people on social media sites “liking” and “sharing” a link to a company? I bet you’ll answer that question with “all the time”, in fact we bet you see it on a daily basis. With social media a major part of people’s lives now, it makes sense to incorporate it into your marketing too. By including share buttons on your website and emails means your customers can instantly tell their friends and loved ones about your business, and they can then share it too. Your name could reach thousands within minutes without you lifting a finger.

Digital marketing agency LIVERPOOL

Here at Wecan Media, a digital marketing agency LIVERPOOL we can also analyse our strategies, so if one particular journey on your website or a particular keyword from an SEO strategy isn’t performing well, we change it immediately and keep altering it until it begins to work for your business. Online marketing allows you to refine strategies and make improvements faster, meaning you get results quicker.

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For further information on the benefits of digital marketing and just what it can do for your business, take a look at Wecan Media, and take your first step into the modern world.