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The internet or the World Wide Web as its otherwise known is a worldwide connection of single networks from government to private parties. And with over 500 million extra users from Dec 2012 to just March 2014 it’s little wonder the way we do business has changed remarkably. With web design being more important than ever, it’s perhaps time you jumped on board and joined.

Here at Wecan Media, web designers Liverpool we’d like to introduce you to mobile web design and responsive web design.

We have a proven ability to create remarkable web sites and with our specialised team of designers we have been creating fully functional and market led websites for some time now. Using responsive design on occasion is an area in which we are particularly familiar. For those who aren’t familiar however, responsive design means creating a website that when accessed via any media device, so whether potential customers search for you via their smart phone, tablet or desk top, the visitor experience will be maximised as the website responds and is optimised for all screen sizes.

Responsive design has a multitude of benefits, with Google stating they prefer responsive websites and apparently ranking responsively designed sites higher, being perhaps its biggest benefit. This could be due to the better user experience and the fact SEO links will all point at one website as opposed to a website plus a mobile one.

Another area in which our web design Liverpool offices have reported great benefits is mobile website design. With figures showing an increased number of people in the world using only their mobile to search the internet, it would seem a dedicated mobile site could prove just as beneficial and in some cases imperative for a business. Easily created by sourcing content and pictures from your original site, mobile websites can often offer faster download speed and improved SEO performance for mobile specific keywords, an area in which responsive design can sometimes fall short for certain websites.

When it comes to web maintenance the clear winner for some is responsively designed sites. Because it’s just the one code base, it’s quicker and easier for us to upgrade and change content, meaning less time for us, which inevitably means you saving money. And although having a desktop website and a mobile specific website may take longer and cost you possibly slightly more, it can in turn generate more visitors through its mobile specific SEO performance.

If you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed with information and finding it a little difficult to decide which type of web design would be best for you, then our web designers Manchester based team will be happy to take the time to discuss your websites personal needs and requirements, helping you to decide which method would ultimately work better for you. Allow us to show you just what we can and regularly do achieve.