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Mobile Marketing beyond the mobile phone.

Why choose Bulk SMS

Mobile marketing – it’s interactive, measurable, and has direct features

Mobile marketing represents an amazing opportunity and has fast become the marketing channel of choice for many businesses.

Mobile marketing is highly interactive and personalized and has a powerful and immediate impact. By integrating mobile technology into existing communication campaigns, businesses enable their customers to take advantage of special offers, cash-in text coupons, obtain additional yet relevant information and receive alerts about future events.

Mobile marketing enables advertisers like you to send out custom-made and personalized multimedia campaigns to lists of targeted audiences—enabling customers to respond directly.

Just a few fantastic features of mobile marketing include:

  • Anytime, anywhere communication that is direct and immediate
  • Target Specific - particular audience groups based on demographics for instance.
  • Highly Cost Effective!
  • Offers a great potential for viral marketing as consumers tend to forward messages in groups
  • Easily integrated in cross-media including TV, print and National and local radio

The portable nature of the mobile phone has changed the way we communicate. It makes customers and businesses available to each other anytime, anywhere and transactions can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No more waiting for business week days and set working hours.

Grab Bulk sms - this tremendous opportunity with both hands then reach out to your customers.

Mobile Marketing For You

Mobile Marketing has long been viewed by businesses as beyond reach. Recently however, new technologies allow an always-on connection with customers, firmly within reach of even the smallest business!

The Stats:

  • 4 times as many mobiles as PCs
  • Nearly 15% of all U.k. households are now “mobile-only”
  • Gen Yers (18-29) state their phone is the most important device they own!

Mobile Marketing trends for SME’s…

Think of text marketing as you do with email marketing, data capturing their mobile number as opposed to collecting an email address. Then like email marketing, you create campaigns at a website and only send them to customers who have opted-in to receive your message. The great thing is you do not need fancy html’s with pictures and graphics as you just need up to 160 characters of plain text! 97% of the time you message is read instantly!

But I expect this year to see far greater adoption with mobile coupons being accepted by certain brands and the ability to reach up to 25 times the number of users then say twitter which is great ROI.

Text marketing is great for promotions, coupons, alerts, staff messages, sweepstakes, trivia, and voting. Whether you’re a dentist, video store, or health club, see what texting can do for you in 2010.

Mobile Marketing generates an excellent ROI

Mobile Marketing generates an excellent ROI

Why is Bulk SMS known as Mobile Marketing good for Business.

Short Messaging Service is commonly known as SMS or text messaging. SMS is a cheap messaging solution. SMS is a text message that can have up to 160 characters of length that can be sent to mobile phones. A cost effective alternative to outgoing calls is SMS and is convenient also. 
SMS is non-intrusive and hence messages will be obtained in a discrete fashion. SMS does not disturb you if you are busy with an important work. The advantages of text messaging are cost effectiveness, comfort, opinion expression, and spontaneity. The main advantage of text messaging is its inexpensiveness. Text messaging is found as the most comfortable way to communicate. 
Text messaging can be done at any place and at any time if you want to chat with your relatives and friends. You can also save your time and the message will be pleasing when the text message language uses abbreviated code in the SMS. It provides you an excellent opportunity to state your thoughts in public concerned matters.
You can also win numerous contests by sending SMS and using SMS. Spontaneity is another remarkable aspect of SMS. It connects the people in a greater speed and it surpasses the big oceans and seas to reach the target within seconds. These text messages do not require dedicated time and so you can write messages while waiting for taxis, eating, travelling or during television breaks.
The SMS can have its origination from other mobile phones, Internet or computers. Consumers and also business people use the short messages for remote communication. It also allows the staff in travelling jobs to be connected with their offices for specific and periodical instructions. SMS is going to continue at a faster speed and the users will take advantage of text messaging capabilities in their workplace too.
Mobile Marketing also known as Bulk SMS.
Mobile Marketing is an excellent way for you to connect to your customer in an effective manner every time. There are several benefits to using this type of marketing and you may not realise the potential it creates for your business. Finding that all important target moment when it will strike the individual just right is the difference between effective advertising and a waste of your marketing budget. There are some things to consider about Bulk Text marketing.
One of the many benefits that mobile marketing works well for is the simple fact that it is personal in nature.
Consider the fact that instead of advertising on a huge billboard and hoping that those that drive by will see it, you are giving personal attention to the individual. Instead of hoping that the channels don’t get changed when your commercial comes on, send it right to the individual and know that when they glance at their phone, they already have your message. This personal touch is very powerful.
Another option is the immediacy of Bulk Text marketing.
You don’t have to wait for them to act, as many times they have the ability to click through the message to obtain information about your product or service right then. One of the hardest tasks in marketing is getting the message out and then making it stick. This process works well as the action can be taken immediately.
That gets you instant results for your advertising.
With thousands of products coming online each day, it is hard to make one product or one service stand out against the rest. With Mobile Marketing, the audience you are targeting gets your message about who you are, what your business is and about what products are available immediately and they can then act on it. Bulk Text marketing is fast becoming the most successful type of marketing. Add text messaging software to your marketing campaign.

Bulk SMS

Smail Mail v’s  Mobile Marketing - SMS

Are you still using the snail mail (post) for all your communications? Then, the good news is how to save thousands of pounds, generate even more business and have stronger environmental credentials all at the same time.

The Financial Services industry sends billions of pieces of mail every year in the UK. Some of the time this is unavoidable however the vast majority are information mailings, reminders, offers or simple follow ups. These do not all need to be sent by post. Most of these types of communication can easily be handled by using Mobile Marketing.

Insurance Renewal Reminder - Example of Mobile Marketing
Company A needs to remind a customer that they need to renew their insurance and to call them. Why spend 60p or more on a letter, stationery, time, postage costs etc. (not to mention valuable wood resources for the paper, fuel costs for the delivery, etc. etc.) when a simple 5 pence text message would suffice. Also, with the text message, you can track it has been delivered and it gets straight to the customer’s phone who can use that exact same device to call!

You ask Why not use E-mail?
I'll tell you why!
Mostly when a company sends a communication to a customer, they are trying to get a response. E-mails, broadly speaking, just don’t get an acceptable level of response any more.

  •  Excessive spam has crippled trust in e-mail deliverability and companies are looking for a good response rate to their communications.
  • Excessive ‘phishing’ or ’scam’ e-mails from bogus financial services (and other) companies often means those who do receive emails will not click on them.
  • On top of this, those people that do receive documentation by E-mail may print it and therefore you end up with the same environmental paper cost.

How much money can you save, do you think, using Bulk Text Messaging in your business?
Hardly any business could stop using mail altogether but by using Mobile Marketing or Bulk text messaging as we tend to call it, where possible you can boost your response rates, save huge amounts of money and be a more environmentally conscious company.

Using a conservative cost figure of 60p per item of post (most business federations estimate this more toward the 80p range as an average including time, stationery, stamp, etc.) the savings using Bulk SMS are incredible. When you factor in that you are likely to get a 4-10 times higher response rate and that it promotes a positive environmental message for your company, it is an extremely compelling argument.

How ‘Green’ is it using Bulk SMS instead of mailing?
 Around 8,000 pieces of average office paper takes 1 x 40 feet tall tree of about 6-8 inches in diameter - an ‘average’ tree.

How many trees could your business save? How much money could you save or generate with Bulk text messaging. Bulk Text marketing has many benefits!