Advantages of optimising your mobile website

Advantages of optimising your mobile website

Take a look around you wherever you are and chances are you’ll see someone browsing the Internet on their smartphone. Whether it’s an android or iPhone, the vast majority of us will access the Internet at least once a day.

This means that not only do you now need to provide the perfect desktop website but you also need to provide the rapidly growing base of mobile users with an optimal experience too. With this in mind, more and more website owners are now looking to mobile web development in order to ensure their websites are fully optimised for smartphone displays. If however you’re finding yourself uninspired by the ever-increasing number of mobile users then perhaps the huge number of other advantages may make you reconsider.

A much improved user experience

A mobile website is designed specifically for handheld devices because quite simply, no one wants to browse a desktop website on a small screen. Research on mobile website usability has shown that mobile optimised websites will significantly improve the user experience and therefore improve overall satisfaction which makes a much more positive impression exactly when it counts the most.

A faster download speed

Yet again, because they’re designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed, it means a lot less waiting around for things to download and lot more browsing which could mean a lot more exploration of your website and products.


A mobile specific website will immediately help you to engage more users with mobile specific features such as click-to-call or map functions. If you’re a local business it will also mean more and more users finding your website through location aware technology that connects people to websites in a good geographic proximity.

An improved SEO performance

A mobile website will provide hugely improved rankings on mobile friendly search engines such as Google or Yahoo and will also allow for placement within a growing number of mobile and local directories too.

Better brand identity

As is often said, actions speak louder than words. A mobile specific website will immediately help you to stand out from the crowd and present a much more positive and contemporary brand identity for you and your business. This mobile website will ensure you make a really positive statement before you’ve even said anything.

Great portability and connectivity

Simply put, having a mobile specific website means you can be accessed anywhere and at any time. With this level of constant connectivity comes a great opportunity to connect with your target audience in a much bigger way no matter where in the world they may be or what they’re doing.

Give yourself a competitive advantage

A mobile website will put you in a position to stand out from the crowd and more importantly stand out from your competitors. If yours doesn’t look good on a smartphone then your users will just move on to one that does, which will no doubt be your competitors. A mobile website will ensure you look better and capture visitor attention over your competitors and prevent people leaving your website dissatisfied.

Integrate with offline media

Mobile devices are extremely unique in that they have an immediate ability to bridge the gap between online and offline media through the use of something called QR codes. These QR codes can be displayed in print and when scanned with a smartphone can be translated into electronic messaging such as a website address or an email address or even a text message.

These codes are used regularly in Japan and the rest of Europe within advertising and are proving to be very successful. Use of such codes could mean your advertising methods such as brochures, posters and even billboards could direct users straight to your mobile landing pages which contain the vital information you want to get across. This fantastic integration between print and web via the mobile adds an entirely new dimension to communications with any advertising campaign.

It’s more flexible and cost effective than developing an App

A mobile website is in general much less restricted than an app. One great example of this is the fact that app development requires a different app production for different platforms i.e. iPhone, Android and Blackberry along with submission to an app store making them much more expensive to produce. It also gives them a much longer timeline in terms of production too.

An app also requires the user to download it before it can be accessed. A mobile website on the other hand is universal to all smartphones making it much more flexible and cost effective as it is essentially a one-size-fits-all offering fewer barriers between you and your target audience. There are of course some applications that are much better suited to an app format such as interactive games but more often than not it makes perfect sense to have a mobile website at the very least. For a well-rounded online presence a mobile optimised website is generally a more practical and effective first step.

Many new advertising opportunities

With the rapidly growing number of mobile users, mobile advertising is of course growing at a rapid pace too and this presents a number of new opportunities for reaching your target audience with unprecedented precision. If for example, your company advertises on Google Adwords then there’s a very good chance your ads may also be appearing in mobile listings too.

If you’d like to find out more about making a mobile optimised website then contact us here at Wecan Media today where we’ll be happy to show you just what we can achieve in a free, no obligation consultation.