Busting the myths when it comes to outsourcing your website design to India


Here at Wecan Media, we decided to provide an article that would finally bust the many myths that surround outsourcing website design to India. We’re approached on a daily basis by people wanting help with problematic websites they’ve had created through Indian outsourcing so here, for your benefit is a little explanation as to why it’s better to stick to local website designers such as us.

Funds are often the incorrect, deciding factor

Funds are the number one priority for some and so the thought of cheap web design can really lure people in. Many believe that outsourcing their web design needs to India will result in a much smaller bill but this simply isn’t true. Here at Wecan Media we’ve seen countless websites created by programmers in India with no structural integrity that eventually crash, losing critical data. Obviously poor programming isn’t limited to just Indian developers but for the simple fact that it’s so cheap, there’s no real incentive to build high quality, efficient systems.

Cheaper per hour, but more man hours

More man-hours on one particular project equates to much higher cost therefore less man hours are used, usually resulting in an inefficient system prone to errors especially as the database grows. Yes there are indeed numerous good examples of outsourcing however these usually surround large enterprises. What about small and medium sized projects? These will tend to cost more in time with regards to communications between client and programmers, which will undoubtedly be offset in savings from programming tasks. High staff turnover in India can also be disastrous, especially when it includes the loss of a central developer.

Communication issues and cultural differences

Funding aside, many believe that outsourcing to India is rather easy but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Communication issues and cultural differences will often hinder the development of your website completely. Translating technical programming concepts to clients in order to first establish a project goal is hugely difficult especially when dealing with Indian programmers that have a slightly different grasp of English. This results in multiple misunderstandings and projects evolving in completely different directions to the one you believed it would.

This can result in financial losses, system downtimes as well as systems that will repeatedly collapse and lose critical data. Outsourcing is known for breeding the perfect environment for misunderstandings simply because communication isn’t direct. By dealing with someone direct, especially someone that understands your business and your specific needs, this can all be avoided.

Beward of spaghetti programming

There’s no doubt in our mind that there are some genius programmers in India however to state that Indian programmers are better overall is a complete myth. Though there may be some, the vast majority are simply hired to churn out code and we have a term for this, it’s called spaghetti programming. It’s called spaghetti programming simply because it works by looping round and round however if anything should go wrong it can prove a nightmare to fix.

Whether or not Indian programmers are better is very difficult to judge, as there are indeed a number of average programmers within all nations. Due to supply and demand however, banks and larger software companies hire the better and more competent developers leaving the less skilled for everyone else. With high attrition rates also, you’re less likely to have a good developer (if you can find one) working on your project for the long term in comparison to hiring a local company such as ourselves here at Wecan Media.

Despite the issues we’ve just touched upon causing enough problems, the disadvantages aren’t limited to those alone.

Here’s our summary of other likely disadvantages you need to consider before deciding whether you outsource to India or search locally for a website designer.

  • Licensing and copyright issues can cause huge problems. This usually occurs when outsourced projects get sold on again to one of your competitors without your approval or worse still, you buy one that’s already in use by a competitor. This can raise some serious legal issues.

  • Time lost through managing the project. Any financial gain you make must be weighed up against the extra time you’ll no doubt spend having to manage the project from half way across the world. Communicating between the client and the Indian programmers can increase the project time by a huge amount. The cost of flights, accommodation and even visas may need to be factored in too.

  • A poorer standard of work can often result through bad communication and huge cultural differences. You may find large financial loss occurs simply through competitors having much better systems.

  • A distinct lack in quality control. When you outsource a project it requires a great deal of trust as the quality of programming can vary considerably. Sadly the majority of problems won’t surface until much later on down the line. Unless the project has been written well, it can then prove difficult to fix.

  • Poor customer service can make a bad situation worse. Pushy sales people are always a good sign that something isn’t quite right. You may find that during presales, Indian developers will call and email you persistently refusing to accept the word no. During the middle of the project however this will usually slow. Establishing a relationship with a web developer is a little more than simply getting a better price.

You may think that by outsourcing your web design to India, you’ll save thousands. Sadly the cold hard truth is usually the opposite when expensive repair work needs to be carried out.

Hire a local web design company

Here at Wecan Media, web designers in Liverpool, we know the importance of quality web design as well as a high level of customer service and communication. If you’d like a free, no obligation quote then simply contact us today and take the smart step when it comes to website design for your business.