The many business benefits of adding Live Chat to your website

The many business benefits of adding Live Chat to your website

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Internet and increasing ease with which we access it, has changed the way we conduct business. Many moons ago a business would open a shop front and put adverts into the local paper and radio. They then waited for the local customers to want or need whatever they had to offer. Today however the survival of a business is no longer dependent on the local people as, thanks to the Internet, it has a worldwide audience for its products and services.

Worldwide competition

In theory it sounds pretty great doesn’t it but we simply can’t forget that with that worldwide audience comes the dreaded worldwide competition too. Competition is unfortunately no longer localised and this is why it’s so important that a business knows exactly what its customers want and need. More importantly the business needs to make sure it delivers it quickly and more efficiently than anyone else. This of course can be pretty tough especially when you aren’t face to face with them. You may well have a fantastic looking website up and running that has decent usability, design and brilliant content for products or services which are in high demand but today however, that’s simply not enough. Today you need something that really differentiates your business and makes it stand out from the crowd. This may sound like the impossible by here at Wecan Media, we have the perfect solution and it’s known as live chat.

In this fast paced and complex world, each and every lead is valuable stuff and there’s not a single doubt that visitors to your website are the perfect sales leads. If you think about it, the visitors are indeed in the right place at the right time looking for exactly what you have to offer. Every time one such visitor leaves however is a business opportunity lost, so why leave your home page unattended?

44% of customers online have had important questions answered via live chat whilst in the middle of an online purchase

Recent studies have shown that an amazing 44% of customers online have had important questions answered via live chat whilst in the middle of an online purchase and would consider this to be one of the most important features a website can offer. With live chat software you can reach your customers at their time of need and offer a personal and immediate service that they’d expect to get in a physical shop.

The advantages of live chat regarding customer services are pretty clear but what about in terms of sales? Sales are the ultimate goal of every single business and this is where live chat can be used for generating leads and increasing conversion. When it comes to increasing conversion rates, it does this by offering the customer the live assistance needed to help them through the order process. This in turn helps to eliminate bounces away from the website and makes sure the order process gets completed. Live chat can also help to boost the average order value too. It does this simply by engaging with customers. By talking to them and getting to understand their needs, the employee is then in a perfect position to make personal recommendations for more products. Studies have shown that on average, chatters will spend around 55% more than non-chatters.

Helps reduce abandonment on product or sales pages

Live chat can also help reduce abandonment on product or sales pages by providing more support. One of the main reasons for a high bounce rate on any website is a distinct lack of support. As we stated before, you may have an awesome website but it doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to find what they’re looking for which is where live chat can help. By being there to offer immediate assistance and answer any questions or queries they may have, you make them less likely to leave the website.

Live chat is the obvious addition to the telephone

Live chat is now the obvious addition to any mail and telephone services you may already provide for a high quality customer service. Many studies have shown a hugely positive influence in terms of adding a live chat solution to a homepage and the results are often much stronger than many would first assume with the majority insisting it not only improves the shopping experience but the motivation to purchase too. On average, around 45% of online customers find online support a huge leverage for the website and this value can be seen by the average sales numbers for those that have it and those who don’t.

Website visitors that chat, buy

With visitors that chat being three times more likely to buy compared to those who don’t, the question really is why would you not have it? With your live chat you’ll be adding a personal and more human touch to the online shopping experience and for many customers, having that someone there can help give the final encouragement they need during the final stages. For many businesses this is an outstanding bonus. Live chat is also great for providing additional advantages for communications, especially when it comes to making initial business contacts. Live chat is even now seen as a much easier communication tool than mail or telephone simply because it’s instant, it’s informal and it’s also completely anonymous. In the world of today, access to information is expected instantly so give it to them with the help of live chat.

If you’d like more information on live chat and just how it can help your website then contact us today. Here at Wecan Media, we’ll bring your website up to speed and performing exactly how it should.