SEO agency Wecan Media answers whether it’s possible to have great SEO simply with great content?

Great SEO with great content

This week Craig, our SEO guru would like to tackle the often-asked question, is it possible to have great SEO simply by focusing on great content to the point where active link building is excluded. Here at our SEO agency in the UK we’re asked this question a lot, particularly by bloggers and people with small to medium businesses. They hear about SEO and would like to give it a try but simply don’t have the time, energy or know how to link build.

The short and simple answer is yes, sort of. It’s possible however it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. To make it possible you need two things, one is content exposure and the other is a lot of time.Here’s what some bloggers and people who invest in content, have found. In spite of choosing to entirely ignore link building and let links come to them, they have had some success. Instead of spending time focusing on link building they’re choosing to focus on things like product quality, press and public relations along with social media, offline marketing, content strategy and email marketing too. What they rely on is people finding them through these other channels, which are discovery mechanisms and not search. They then hope that once people get to the website that because of the great experience they have, the quality of their products and content, that they’ll gradually start earning links naturally.

This is a huge leap and for many SEO’s such as us here at Wecan Media, web designers in Manchester, it’s a completely crazy leap. There are so many things that can be done to nudge people in the link earning direction; in fact here at Wecan Media we have hundreds of great strategies. People who elect to ignore link building however may find some success but will undoubtedly find it slow. This strategy most certainly isn’t for everyone.

Here at Wecan Media, although we love the optimistic viewpoint we do find this method somewhat naive. Yes this is a potential strategy if you are very uncomfortable with link building and feel that you can dedicate the time to optimise this process. The trouble lies in time however. Whether your business is small, medium or global, time is indeed money and the question you need to ask is whether it’s worth it. Here at Wecan Media, an SEO agency in the UK, we can take all of this off of your hands. We have the time and knowledge to build important links and turn your online presence around and we can do this for an affordable cost too. With plans to suit every budget, doesn’t it make sense to free your own time to focus on your product or services and hire a quality digital marketing team that can guarantee a fantastic ROI in a much shorter space of time?