A quick guide to expert credibility with SEO Liverpool

A quick guide to expert credibility with SEO Liverpool

Whether you like it or not if your content isn’t credible then readers simply will not share it and as we all know, that’s a massive hindrance to your website. One of the best ways to get credibility is for the information to come from an expert they understand and most importantly trust, especially when it’s involving a complex topic such as technology or science. So here, for your benefit, is our guide to establishing expert credibility from our SEO Liverpool team at Wecan Media.

Be an expert or better still, hire one

It’s a simple fact that you can’t offer a deep and meaningful insight on a topic you know nothing about so the obvious answer is to either become an expert with lots of study or hire one that can provide the information for you. Unless your expert has amazing breaking news then they need to offer quality insights in a way that readers can easily understand. Remember just because someone is looking at a particular subject doesn’t mean they’re knowledgeable in the field, therefore if you or your expert can relay information in an easily digestible manner, you’re winning.

If you’re thinking of cheating, just ask yourself this. When you read content by obvious non-experts in an area that you’re knowledgeable, do you immediately notice the flaws? We all know what expertly written content looks like so if you pretend to be an expert you will be found out, it’s that simple. This will instantly kill any credibility you had or were likely to have.

Passion helps

Remember readers don’t just want an expert; readers want an expert who cares passionately about that topic. This is usually shown in their deep and well-thought opinions of their chosen subject as opposed to a flat shallow piece of content created by someone who really couldn’t care less.

Reference Sources

By referencing sources you not only show where you got your information from but you instantly back up your claim with evidence and proof and it’s so simple to do too. All it takes is a quick link to a website and you can gain a huge amount of trust very quickly.

Show data to provide evidence

Adding data adds credibility in a unique way because if shown and analysed correctly, it speaks for itself. Numbers and the method behind it are so much more important than the author’s history too. Making it easy to understand is again just as important. Facts and figures provide a basis for solid evidence so don’t forget them.

For more information on gaining expert credibility just book a consultation with us here Wecan Media, an SEO company Liverpool based where our SEO Liverpool team of experts will be happy to explain everything you need to know and help you on your journey to website success.