Here the team at our SEO AGENCY in Manchester explain how SEO and PPC can finally be friends?

SEO AGENCY in Manchester explain benefits of SEO and PPC

Is it true? Are we finally calling a cease-fire on the war between SEO and PPC? For as long as there have been search engines and search engine marketing there have been two very different views on how to work them. Paying vs. earning, bidding vs. optimising or PPC vs. SEO. You don’t bat for both sides and rarely is there ever a cross over of leaving one for the other. There’s as much tension between the two sides as there is between Liverpool and Manchester United to put it in simpler terms. Here from the experts at our SEO AGENCY in Manchester, we explain to you the latest on the great PPC and SEO debate.

Tension is especially thick between SEO and PPC and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer for it. Maybe it’s because they both come under the umbrella of search engine marketing, maybe it’s because they’re so tightly aligned. Either way it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you’re on we are all ultimately working toward one goal and that’s to get to the highest possible position on page one of Google.

SEO and PPC are two different tools

The mistake that most make is comparing SEO to PPC when they are in actual fact completely different tools. People mistakenly move everything to PPC if SEO isn’t working but they aren’t on a 1-to-1 ratio. SEO is top-of-the-funnel marketing. People will often buy when they find your website but it’s a research driven action, they might come back a few times before determining that they’re ready to move forward and make that purchase.PPC on the other hand targets customers that are further down the marketing funnel i.e. ready and raring to purchase. They are action-based searches rather than research based searches, which is why you’ll rarely find a PPC ad for informational queries. Therefore replacing PPC with SEO or vice versa won’t necessarily bring more results or even better ones because they both target completely different audiences. The question is, can they work together?

Secure Search issue

Well since Google switched to “secure search” causing us to lose our keyword data, the next reliable way for SEO’s to know which keywords to target comes from PPC. PPC teams have access to even more valuable metric when it comes to finding out how profitable a keyword is: conversion rate. This tells SEO’s what keyword drives the most traffic but also what keyword potentially drives the most revenue.

For more information on other ways that SEO and PPC can work harmoniously together contact us here at our Manchester based DIGITAL AGENCY, Wecan Media. Here at our SEO AGENCY in Manchester we will offer a free no obligation quote on how we can turn your website around and take it to the coveted spot of Google’s page one.