What is Black hat social media and how can it affect you by Liverpool SEO company Wecan Media.

Wecan Media, the Liverpool SEO company explain Black Hat.Black hat social media is developing quickly and bringing with it a new era of web spam. It affects social media websites themselves, users and the businesses using the websites for marketing. So if you’re wondering what Black hat social media is, then allow the team from Liverpool SEO company Wecan Media to explain.

What exactly is black hat SEO?

“Black hat” was originally used to refer to a type of hacker or someone who violated computer security. Within SEO however, Black hat refers to tactics and techniques that help increase search engine rankings in ways that aren’t within the guidelines or terms of service. Black hat social media would therefore logically refer to the use of social media websites for some sort of gain, using methods that aren’t within the social media guidelines.Some prime examples of Black hat social media would be buying fake likes or YouTube subscribers for instance. It could also include sharing hyperlinks that may pose a security risk, using an automatic follow/unfollow programme, creating fake social media pages to like and share your info or even writing fake negative comments on the page of a competitor. The question we all want answered however is whether Black hat social media actually has an impact on SEO.

Fake Reviews can damage a business

Although there isn’t a black and white yes or no answer to this, there do appear to be some worrying statistics. Buying fake followers to fake interaction with content could falsely inflate the content’s supposed authority. Optimising fake accounts under a competitors name could also be very damaging for some. For example if you were to create a false account in someone else’s name and optimise it, the fake account could rank for the competitor. This means when users search for them they could likely find the fake account as opposed to the real one. This could hurt them by deterring users who aren’t fans of what they see in the search listings as well as impinging on their click share. Fake reviews are unfortunately a rather popular method of Black hat social media as it’s easy and can often stick. Leaving a fake negative review can really damage a business if the review ranks well and potential customers find it after performing a web search.

Don't fall victim to black hat SEO

Although as we’ve stated before, when it comes to Black hat social media and it’s affect on SEO, there appears to be no clear answer it’s obviously not something you want to find your website the victim of. If you’d like clear professional advice from experts on how to avoid a situation such as this or even help in dealing with one currently then here at Wecan Media we’d be happy to help. We can even help with any of your web design needs too, all from the same Liverpool offices. So if it’s experts you need, then look no further than our SEO agency.