Three factors to ensure your SEO strategy gets you the right kind of traffic by our SEO Liverpool experts


When it comes to SEO, getting on page one of Google and gaining more traffic is one thing but how do you make sure you get the right type of traffic that’s more likely to turn into customers? Here at Wecan Media SEO Liverpool team we tell you three important factors to consider that helps deliver the right kind of traffic to your website.

Identify your target audience

You know your customers so identifying them should be easy but when it comes to SEO it’s not always the case. If your business or service offers a number of different services or product lines it means your target audience may actually comprise of many different segments. This can make identifying them hard. It’s a good idea to identify the different segments or groups and methodically work on them. This ensures you achieve success with one before moving on to the next. It’s a good idea to start with the most profitable first and possibly the least competitive as you could see quicker results in terms of generating a return on investment to begin with.

Selecting the right keywords

Once you’ve identified whom you’re going to begin with you can then start selecting keywords that those prospective customers will use when searching for your product or service. It’s important not to just go for the ones that deliver the highest search volume. Think about your customers and go for keywords that make sense from their perspective. Craig, our SEO agency UK guru explains that in spite of the volume of advice when it comes to choosing keywords, what matters the most is choosing keywords that your potential customers will actually use. In addition you should take the purchase intent into account. You could have two similar keywords that actually show totally different intentions from your searcher. Keywords with high purchase intent are obviously more likely to convert than those with much lower purchase intent.

Provide content your customers will be interested in

The next important step to ensure the right type of traffic is to provide content they find relevant and useful. The content on your website should be able to answer their question and queries so think about what your customers typically want to know and make sure the content answers them. If you’re selling a service that requires a lot of expertise then post regular blogs that show you’re an expert in your field. If your customers want to see examples of your work then show them either through pictures or testimonials and if you sell a product that customers like to compare against others then provide a comparison review. It’s that simple.

If you’d like to find out more on getting the right type of traffic to your website then please contact us here at Wecan Media. Our SEO agency team will be happy to help.