A few guidelines for optimising your site by Wecan Media - SEO agency UK


Here at Wecan Media, our SEO agency UK team know that not all opportunities and issues arising with websites will present themselves in a way that’s necessarily covered by OUR GUIDELINES. In some cases they’ll be unique and specific to the client’s market sector but for the most part within search engine optimisation, when it comes to optimising your website there are some generic rules and guidelines that will always help and are great to know.


This is a discovery stage where you must do everything you can in order to find out more about the website and what it does / should do. Some of the questions that need to be asked at this point include; what are your top products and services? What are your weaknesses? Who are your competitors? What’s the history? It’s important to understand every area of the market niche, while looking for areas of opportunity. Listen to your customers too and make yourself familiar with your customer’s voice. SEO isn’t just about gaining rankings under an ever-growing list of keywords. Some businesses benefit from a specific goal and opportunity whilst eithers seek a wider reach so it’s important to understand the business fully. This means you can then build a campaign to support the specifics for a much better effect.

Site Audits

Site audits are a basic part of SEO and allow you to identify your website weaknesses such as broken links, orphaned pages, pages with duplicate titles or no titles at all and pages with weak keywords. It’s good to implement a system where these are all checked regularly along with keyword use and pages. Regular checks are invaluable to ensure you aren’t fighting against yourself. Another important tool are historical checks where you’ll be able to see sharp drops in rankings and traffic. Using web analytics which will allow you to isolate the exact date and see what penalties had been incurred helping you avoid them in future.

Site architecture

This is something that often gets overlooked as not enough people will look at a website from a visitors point of view. It’s usually easy enough for you to navigate arround because it’s your website and you are familiar with both the website and your products / services. Look at it through a visitor’s eye however, and you might find that it’s a bit of a struggle. Things to look at include your most popular products and services and your most popular pages, as it may be better to give these more exposure and push them up the hierarchy. Group pages into similar topics too, this makes them easily identifiable.

Here at Wecan Media, we don’t want to blind you with technical words and data, instead we simply want to show you how both SEO and User interface can and does provide genuine business value. If you’d like to find out more about optimising your website with our SEO agency then please do get in contact, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.