The challenges with quality content and how to create it with SEO Liverpool

Quality content and how to create it with SEO Liverpool

Here at Wecan Media, an SEO Liverpool agency we know the importance of quality content. In the aftermath of Google unleashing the Hummingbird update, along with Penguin and Panda the focus seemed heavily on quality content and not necessarily keywords. Quality content however comes with its own challenges and here we’re going to discuss them further along with ways to create it.

The challenges with quality content are numerous but we’ll focus on the most important. As with so many things in life the matter of quality content is essentially subjective. Who really knows what it means after all, are they referring to a serious tone, a long essay like piece or a short and humorous paragraph? As the age-old cliché constantly bleats on, “one persons trash is another person’s treasure” so who really gets to decide what’s considered quality and what’s not? On top of this there’s the fact that quality content requires a bigger investment as it means, quite obviously, hiring quality writers. This is all very well and good but when you don’t see an immediate ROI it can be a little difficult to swallow. It can also be risky as it’s about standing out from the crowd and being different as opposed to copying other strategies; will people like it or not? In spite of this our team know quality content is where the focus seems to be at the moment, so in order to rise in those rankings it needs to be focused on.

Techniques to help you create quality content

There are several techniques however that can be used to help you create quality content and optimise your website further. Simply getting to know your readers and talking in their language will be a big help. Instead of seeing your content as product brochures, see it instead as a way of connecting with your customers. Find out their worries, what they’re interested in and what they want to achieve. You can do this by connecting with them via social media, on forums and at the same time see how they talk about your product. This will mean you can create content discussing what they want to hear in the terminology they use which firstly gets them interested and secondly automatically optimises your content for your desired demographic. Another great piece of advice would be to create content for every stage of the sale i.e. consider the sort of questions customers would ask at each point of a sale and then create content to address each question. Lastly, keep your quality content coming on a regular basis. Keep it fresh and up to date and in turn your website will be seen as fresh and up to date.

For help with your websites content, just contact us here at Wecan Media SEO Liverpool, where we’ll help you get to page one of Google, which as we all know is the only page to be.