Know your panda from your penguin with SEO Liverpool

Know your panda from your penguin with SEO Liverpool

Here at Wecan Media our SEO Liverpool team are here to help drive more traffic to your site and get you to page one of Google, simple. If it were that easy however, we wouldn’t be considered professionals now would we. To make our job harder Google has certain algorithms, which check the World Wide Web’s pages with a fine toothcomb to help sort the spam from the real deal. Google only ever used to change its algorithm once every few weeks, sometimes even months which meant if you got to #1 on page one of Google you were pretty much guaranteed to stay there until the next algorithm change.

How times have changed and how the mighty have fallen because since 2010 when Google released ‘Caffeine’ it’s been making updates to its algorithm around 600 times a year. Search results have since been changing daily as opposed to weekly and SEO became a whole lot harder, which is why so many people realise the importance of using our SEO agency Liverpool based team.

Since Caffeine in 2010 there have been three big algorithm changes and when Google make big changes they name them. So here are a few basic intros to Panda, Penguin and the dreaded Hummingbird.


Panda was unleashed in February 2011 with the sole purpose of separating the high quality websites from the low quality websites. Many at first believed it was targeting websites with poor backlinks but that belief turned out to be myth when it was later discovered to be about on-site quality. Too many thin pages with low quality or duplicate content will cause a serious run in the Panda.


The Penguin, another one of Google’s big changes was released in April 2012 with its main aim to detect poor or low quality backlinks. Links are so important to a website, for instance if an authoritative dental website were to link to your dental website, that would a great vote in your favour. Small links from little known websites aren’t as effective unless you have a large number of them, which can often be self-made by using ‘blackhat’ techniques. Penguin looks to detect these self-made links and reduce the rankings of such websites using them.


Hummingbird was a huge change, a complete overhaul of the algorithm in fact and caused a great amount of change to websites across the Internet. The whole point of the Hummingbird overhaul was to understand a search better, and understand the searchers query for example, if a person were to search for the ‘best place to buy and eat a Liverpool deep dish pizza” Google can determine it by place and knows that it likely wants a restaurant. The Hummingbird created huge fluctuations in rankings for websites worldwide when it was released in September 2013.

From these minor introductions it’s easy to see why an SEO Company Liverpool team would be a great deal of help for your website and subsequently your company or service. SEO is a tricky subject that requires professionals to deal with it, so for an SEO Liverpool agency just give us here at Wecan Media a call where we’ll be happy to help.