The benefits of mobile optimised web design Liverpool

The benefits of mobile optimised web design LiverpoolHere at Wecan Media, we believe that in order stay ahead of the competition your company needs to keep up with the latest developments and changes in consumer behaviour. Our web design Liverpool team are available to help you offer a website that’s accessible from most devices and screen sizes using responsive design or separate dedicated website for mobile viewers.

The internet is forever evolving with consumers accessing it now from all sorts of media devices. Users are able to surf the web while on the go using their smartphones, something that would have never even been thought of ten or fifteen years ago.

Many consumers these days have some sort of media device, be it a phone or a tablet. That’s why having a website from our web design Liverpool based agency that is optimised for such devices is so important. There are two routes you can take with this, one being to have a responsively designed website and the other to have a completely separate web site that serves only as a mobile site.

So what are the benefits of a website that is optimised for mobile phones?

Improved user experience for starters! With a dedicated mobile website or a responsive design website that responds and alters to the screen size, the visitor experience when browsing will be a lot easier, yet browse a site not mobile optimised and you’re usually faced with a site too hard to navigate or a site that won’t actually appear big enough on your small screen, sometimes leaving you with a jumbled mess of unorganised wording.

When it comes to mobile sites, there’s also a chance of improved mobile SEO. Many agencies including our SEO Liverpool agencies found that people often search differently on their phones than they do their desktops, so optimising for SEO on your site for mobile specific searches will aid you in the long run, helping you to find your way on page one of Google easier.

As with so many things in life now, time is always a factor and when it comes to your website, time is of the essence. With mobile optimised sites, users are accessing them while out and about and on the go, so if it’s faster loading (as is the case with a mobile ready site) alongside being easier to navigate then the user will take in more information in a shorter amount of time creating a much higher chance of turning a visitor into a customer.

Having a mobile ready site will always give you a competitive edge over other companies who yet have to move with technology or consumers new expectations. For mobile web design Liverpool, contact us here Wecan Media and let us show you what we can do.