Many SEO companies are ripping you off!

By offering a web site having good user centred design and the ability for your business to maintain website rankings in Google, I’m sure you’ll agree, is very important. In an ideal world we would all like both the usability of a well planned site to assist in high conversions and those high rankings but unfortunately it is not that straight forward...

What a real SEO agency is supposed to do

You see, the SEO industry is as problematic today as it was 5 years ago, and I don't see it ever improving. In fact I actually see the problem compounding over time, until the lines are that blurred in terms of what a real SEO agency is supposed to do, that those people that actually do the work of true SEO will be hidden, hence out of sight.

Loss of consumer confidence is affecting the industry as a whole and true SEO services may eventually be inaccessible to smaller to moderate companies who can't afford to do try SEO one more time. This will and has been hugely fueled by the growing enterprises of big business SEO operations whom leave an aftermath of dissatisfied clients behind them.

‘Too good to be true’ cheap "SEO"

Many large SEO companies offer ‘too good to be true’ cheap "SEO" services to prospective clients. Often the only labour undertaken is that by the payroll who issue an invoice and collect. More amazing is the lack of evidence presented to existing clients, SEO companies provide, and then invoice as if they had carried out the work charging businesses for months sometimes years! This can also be the case of many smaller SEO agencies or consultants who charge for services that they do not deliver.

cheap SEO

SEO has now become a business to literally rip people off. These large scale SEO operations that have arisen to capitalise on this opportunity have a front which is backed up credibility wise with the acquisition of premium large cap corporate companies as clients.  The prospective clients are then fooled by this expecting a similar service to be provided throughout.

So why am I writing this blog when I am running an SEO agency. Well, on average 60% of all our new clients are generally ‘burnt SEO’- A client who has previously worked with another SEO company, who was either got ripped off, not delivered upon, or in some way had their fingers burnt. They all are extremely frustrated, confused, and unsure who to trust.

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If you are unsure of what your SEO company are actually doing for you then drop me an email and I will send you information on how to check what is being done and the questions to ask. Wecan Media offer true SEO and actually does the work it takes to rank a website. There are too many other costs involved and time is one of the biggest. The process to get to the top is a long one if you have a new website and you need to realize that. Contact me for a chat.