Dental Practice Website Design & SEO

Dental Practice To Do List 2014 – You Should Read...

  1. Review the services of your current marketing providers. Review exactly what you are getting for your money and what the ROI is. If you don’t change what you are doing now then you certainly won’t change the results you been getting.
  2. Update your dental practice website design. Yes if it is 2-3 years old get a new one and consider a NEW PROVIDER too! You NEED your website to work on ANY device. That means Flash websites, flash videos and flash games are OUT! Remember beautiful market led websites with strong call to actions that work on ALL DEVICES can generate serious ROI.
  3. Leave DIY to those dentists who are no longer regarded as a competitor! Using an out-of-the-box DIY dental practice website builder is really not for serious individuals.
  4. Page 1 Google is more important today for alongside your dental practice website design than it was last year. Imagine how important this will be in 3 years when it could be too late in the race by then!
  5. The solution is NOT cheap SEO. Please, please, please Stop this right now as many of these companies have resulted in sites being penalised by Google. True SEO is not cheap and is now not simply about building lots of links back to your site. Though good quality links are important, and the key word here being ‘quality’ you need complementary techniques such as blogging and content distribution via social channels.
  6. Allocate MORE of your budget to online marketing. The race is online NOT offline.
  7. Use Marketing intelligence as this is for intelligent business people who want ROI. They want to reduce their cost per lead, cost per sale and spend their marketing budget on what actually works for them.
  8. Don’t believe the hype – Dental Web companies shouting about how their clients are ranking high in google with obscure keywords that there is no competition for anyway because no one searches for them.

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