Seo Campaigns

Unfortunately most people do not put as much importance on SEO as they do on website design. Also, with all the hype about SEO on the Internet, many have tried to do this activity themselves.

There are many things you have to consider:

  • JavaScript navigation
  • Content in frames or tables
  • Level of content needed
  • Inlinks
  • Internal link structure
  • Content to code ratio
  • W3C valid

Ideally, you do need to find an SEO Agency. The scope of a successful SEO campaign cannot be understood by most people. When discussing plans for website design with an agency, many hours go into the planning and preparation. There is usually a team involved in the process including designers, developers and marketers. The SEO campaign on the other hand generally doesn’t receive the due diligence the design process receives.

Your SEO Agency will look at your competitors, not only the ones you compete with every day, but your keyword competitors, too. Your SEO Agency will want to know what your company’s goals are and what market you are attempting to target.

For highly competitive keywords, the SEO timeline can be daunting and it will take much more time to achieve what your company is hoping to achieve. Due to this factor you can expect to pay more money for a successful campaign. Obviously, the more competitive the key words, the more copy has to be written, the more pages added to your site and more link generation required.