Social Media Marketing

Many small businesses do some sort of offline advertising, whether it be radio, print, or billboards. Social Media Marketing allows a business to extend their offline sales pitch.

By including your Facebook Page or blog URL in your offline ads act as social proof, inviting potential consumers to see your community and increase trust in your business hence introducing potential consumers to your social profiles means they may join your community now and buy later. Not only can integrating online and offline advertising help the conversion process, but it can also help build your community.

Consumers now use the web to look for pictures and videos. The term “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer. The good news is that it is fairly easy for a company to create and publish videos and pictures. Product pictures alongside office events will help high light your company culture. This not only helps convince others to work with you or to buy from you but it also helps your HR department recruit new employees too!

The use of videos help consumers by explaining complex concepts. You can show step by step directions which may have a greater impact than a well written article. Multimedia helps to break down the faceless business-to-consumer sales flow and will allow your company to appear friendlier. Use of videos and images will show your business is fun, you care about your employees, and most importantly, that you care about your customers!

For a small business, local search is very important. Being visible to consumers looking for a business in their area is extremely important. Get your site included in local business directories in order to help ensure that consumers find you. First, make sure you check your competitors. Where are they listed? Check their inbound links to check for business directories you can add yourself to and make sure your business has been added to Google Maps!

As businesses start to become more sophisticated with social media they are starting to leverage more online platforms. Don’t deliver the same message over multiple platforms instead tailor your communications for each individual site. By doing this helps the message spread but it keeps users from receiving multiple identical communications which could be seen as spam!

Community building is only the beginning of social media marketing. Using that community to drive sales and marketing campaigns is the goal of your social media marketing campaign. You need to excite your community creating contests or offer an exclusive discount. I would recommend you get contestants to publish an article and the one that gets the most comments wins, so the contest itself becomes viral!