SEO Site Speed

Site Speed was identified as a key factor in Search Engine Optimisation for 2010.  There is a direct correlation between website speed and business results.

Content is extremely important but so is the speed that content is delivered! Server location is also important, for instance, if a brand was targeting the UK market yet had a server in the USA. In short, faster websites are a winner in the rankings game.
In addition to speed at which content was accessed, the quality of the content itself was also credited as an important factor.
Many may ask why speed is so important as it is now 2010 and most have faster internet connections, right?!
Regardless the speed the page loads still matters!
Generally you will not have all of the visitors bandwidth in most cases. Imagine a web-user downloading a file, listening to music online while visiting your page in parallel. Even worse, imagine if many users share the same WLAN etc…
Check your hosting server as some problems are server related i.e bad code, database issues etc. Don’t take our word for it, check out Matt Cutts video which re iterates our message that website speed is most definitely a Google Ranking Factor as fast loading websites makes web surfers happy!