Mobile Marketing For You

Mobile Marketing has long been viewed by businesses as beyond reach. Recently however, new technologies allow an always-on connection with customers, firmly within reach of even the smallest business!

The Stats:

  • 4 times as many mobiles as PCs
  • Nearly 15% of all U.k. households are now “mobile-only”
  • Gen Yers (18-29) state their phone is the most important device they own!

Mobile Marketing trends for SME’s…

Think of text marketing as you do with email marketing, data capturing their mobile number as opposed to collecting an email address. Then like email marketing, you create campaigns at a website and only send them to customers who have opted-in to receive your message. The great thing is you do not need fancy html’s with pictures and graphics as you just need up to 160 characters of plain text! 97% of the time you message is read instantly!

But I expect this year to see far greater adoption with mobile coupons being accepted by certain brands and the ability to reach up to 25 times the number of users then say twitter which is great ROI.

Text marketing is great for promotions, coupons, alerts, staff messages, sweepstakes, trivia, and voting. Whether you’re a dentist, video store, or health club, see what texting can do for you in 2010.