Bulk SMS

Smail Mail v’s  Mobile Marketing - SMS

Are you still using the snail mail (post) for all your communications? Then, the good news is how to save thousands of pounds, generate even more business and have stronger environmental credentials all at the same time.

The Financial Services industry sends billions of pieces of mail every year in the UK. Some of the time this is unavoidable however the vast majority are information mailings, reminders, offers or simple follow ups. These do not all need to be sent by post. Most of these types of communication can easily be handled by using Mobile Marketing.

Insurance Renewal Reminder - Example of Mobile Marketing
Company A needs to remind a customer that they need to renew their insurance and to call them. Why spend 60p or more on a letter, stationery, time, postage costs etc. (not to mention valuable wood resources for the paper, fuel costs for the delivery, etc. etc.) when a simple 5 pence text message would suffice. Also, with the text message, you can track it has been delivered and it gets straight to the customer’s phone who can use that exact same device to call!

You ask Why not use E-mail?
I'll tell you why!
Mostly when a company sends a communication to a customer, they are trying to get a response. E-mails, broadly speaking, just don’t get an acceptable level of response any more.

  •  Excessive spam has crippled trust in e-mail deliverability and companies are looking for a good response rate to their communications.
  • Excessive ‘phishing’ or ’scam’ e-mails from bogus financial services (and other) companies often means those who do receive emails will not click on them.
  • On top of this, those people that do receive documentation by E-mail may print it and therefore you end up with the same environmental paper cost.

How much money can you save, do you think, using Bulk Text Messaging in your business?
Hardly any business could stop using mail altogether but by using Mobile Marketing or Bulk text messaging as we tend to call it, where possible you can boost your response rates, save huge amounts of money and be a more environmentally conscious company.

Using a conservative cost figure of 60p per item of post (most business federations estimate this more toward the 80p range as an average including time, stationery, stamp, etc.) the savings using Bulk SMS are incredible. When you factor in that you are likely to get a 4-10 times higher response rate and that it promotes a positive environmental message for your company, it is an extremely compelling argument.

How ‘Green’ is it using Bulk SMS instead of mailing?
 Around 8,000 pieces of average office paper takes 1 x 40 feet tall tree of about 6-8 inches in diameter - an ‘average’ tree.

How many trees could your business save? How much money could you save or generate with Bulk text messaging. Bulk Text marketing has many benefits!