Shareable content

Shareable Content

It’s true to say that not all content marketing will yield equal results however in the world of social media and SEO, shareable content is now a hugely important quality for any content marketing campaign. The question is however, just what makes content shareable and why does it matter so much?To put it simply, shareability is the potential for any given item of content to be shared or passed on by a third party. This usually manifests as a reader sharing a piece of content via their own social media profile in order for a wider audience to see but there are other forms of redistribution. The shareability of a piece of content will determine just how likely it is for it to be shared and passed on.

Shareability for SEO and inbound links

So why exactly is shareability so important for SEO and inbound links? Well, the more people who share your content, the more people that will get to see it and the more people who see it, the more visitors you’re likely to have on your website. The best way to think of it is if your content were a single light in a very dark forest, attracting people in. The more people who come in and turn on identical lights, the more your brightness will increase. You’re increasing brightness will then allow you to attract even more people. Whenever a link to your website is shared via a social media platform, Google will notice it and if you have 100 people individually sharing an identical link that leads back to your website then search algorithms will consider the particular piece of content more important and rank it higher. This is especially so if the links are gathered within a quick period of time. An effective social media presence will offer a lot of benefits that go beyond merely improving your SEO position. By complementing your content with genuine and personal engagements via social media (regularly at that) you’ll eventually build a loyal following. This will offer you another channel for communicating with potential customers and creating deeper relationships. The bottom line is that shareable content will essentially do your work for you instead of requiring you to post new links everywhere. Your audience will do the hard work for you making shareable content the key to opening doors.

Making content shareable

Although there’s no real measure of this, there are certain things you can do to give your content shareable properties that will increase its likelihood of being shared. If you take a look at the different pieces of content that your friends share, you’ll notice that they all have very similar characteristics. Writing content with these characteristics won’t necessarily guarantee success when it comes to it being shared but it will increase the likelihood of it happening. Qualities of shareable content include:

  • Captivating titles – you want your title to stand out from the crowd and entice people in. Recent trends in titles include numbered lists i.e. “The 10 best…” as this will draw people in with the promise of an authoritative presentation. Other great examples include “You’ll never guess what…” as this will naturally play on people’s curiosity.
  • Uniqueness – you want every single one of your articles to be unique and valuable in some way, shape or form.
  • Communication with a specific audience – your shareable pieces ofwebsitecontent will communicate with a specific audience and in some cases, very specific such as a teenager that owns a cat who also suffers with diabetes. Although you may find yourself alienating the broader audience, you’ll dramatically increase the interest of the narrow audience you’re talking to.
  • Concise material – if your material is concise it will make it much more easily read and understood in the one session. With bullet points, you’ll find your message will be understood more efficiently and this is very effective.
  • Images and media – if your content features images and other such media then it’s far more likely to be shared than content without.

As with most new things however, a spark will be needed in order to set things off. In this case, that can come from one interested individual or even a business that takes that one step and forwards on your content to a much wider audience.

Consistency in content is key

When you begin writing and publishing your content, it’s vitally important that you stay consistent with what you’re posting. Keep your brand voice the same throughout as this will establish familiarity and lead on to an eventual brand following amongst your readership. Your subject matter and tone should all remain consistent too if you’re looking to build that audience who not only wants to read your work but wants to share it too. Search engines like consistency just as much as your audience. Releasing new content on a regular basis will show that you’re active. Post your content steadily too, with a regulartempo as this will catch the interest of more readers. Instead of simply spamming your readers with constant posts during one week and then leaving them to wonder where you’ve gone the next week, you should post a steady stream of content during peak times as this will maximize your chances of getting the content noticed.

Benefits of shareable content may not be noticeable immediately however it’s worth remembering that taking the time to create valuable and shareable content will lead to long-term benefits. Good content is permanent and unlike a magazine it won’t expire, nor is it vulnerable to fluctuations due to search engine algorithms. For these reasons alone, it’s worth putting the time in and creating good quality content as the benefits will far exceed the effort it took to create it.