Nine factors that need to be considered for great content

Nine factors that need to be considered for great content

When it comes to great content you can choose to put the time and work in, creating great content and building a prosperous brand or you can choose the easy route and produce poor content. The latter will ultimately lead you nowhere fast. The path for content marketers is clear in that in order to boost SEO rankings and gain the traffic and leads, you need to have brilliant content.

By writing original content, search engines such as Google will help your website gain more exposure. Google in particular have made it obvious that they will penalise websites for displaying duplicate content and reward high quality websites that contain originally written content. Not only does brilliant content create a much better website but it also boosts your rankings too which will have a positive impact on your business. Here at Wecan Media we know what’s involved when it comes to producing great content so here are our insider tips and tricks to help you create the content you need to boost your website.

1. Create original content

Original content goes an awful long way with Google and your visitors. By copying someone else’s content you leave yourself open to punishment from the search engines. It’s also worth remembering that original means originality so keep your ideas for posts original instead of simply rehashing the same subjects over and over again. If your content says something that a million other posts already do, no one will link to it because it’s old news and that just defeats the object of writing content in the first place. To help you create original content we suggest remembering these two important rules;

  • You will only get what you pay for so avoid so-called cheap routes and
  • If you have nothing of use to say then be quiet.

These two very simple rules will keep you on the path to making high quality content that will help you yield returns for years and years to come.

2. Always focus on strong headlines

Did you know that 80% of people will read your headlines but only 20% will read the rest of your content and that’s why a headline is so important. In fact it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that a headline is often just as, if not more important than the content in some respects as it needs to draw the person in. Take your time with your headlines and if possible make a few to choose from. They’re the first thing people read and are the basis on which people decide whether they want to read further or not so keep it intriguing.

3. Make your content actionable

The best content will offer the reader a sense of how to apply the information they’re digesting. It won’t degrade then by telling them what to do but will respect them and provide them with assurance that they know how best to use the material. When writing your blog, offer tips on applying the information you’re offering. Ask yourself this, why do the majority of people read non-fiction? The answer is simply to learn and become better so help them to do it.

4. Provide answers to the inevitable questions

Do you know what the ultimate purpose of a search engine is? When people use search engines such as Google, they ultimately want an answer to their question or query and it’s the search engines job to deliver this to them. This is the same for when people read a blog post or view an infographic, they all want answers in order to gain knowledge. Not only do they want answers but they want fast answers too so you need to make your content easy to scan and digest. This means they can pick up the important bits quickly.

5. Be accurate in your reporting and when you source information

Could you imagine if you wrote an article for your company’s website, it was read by thousands or hundreds of thousands even. Then some of what you had written turned out to be false and inaccurate. Imagine the damage this would do your company’s reputation. Your content is merely a reflection of your company and you personally so keep this in mind.

6. Create content that engages the reader and provokes thought

An audience that’s engaged will hang onto your every word, taking everything in that you say or write but the only way to get an engaged audience is to make engaging and thought provoking content for them to read. Here are some tips for creating engaging content;

  • Leave them with questions – now this doesn’t mean an incomplete blog but rather include questions that will make them reflect or ask themselves how best to apply the knowledge you’ve given them.
  • Have an important introduction – the majority of people decide within the first few sentences whether they want to read the post or not so grab their attention quick.
  • You can’t go wrong with a story – using an anecdote in your introduction or weaving a story into the entire post can often help clarify a point and help the reader learn too.

One final tip on this point: did you know if you produce content that creates a flurry of responses and comments, the search engine will notice this and deem you important. This is a brilliant way to get search engines to check back at your website more frequently too so grab attention and ask for involvement.

This list of tips and tricks isn’t a complete guide. There are several other points we could include however this should get you started for now. If you’d like more tips on how and why you should be producing great content then contact us at Wecan Media today.