It takes a team to build successful websites and that’s exactly what we have here at Wecan Media

Successful websites and that’s exactly what we have here at Wecan Media

A quality website requires expertise in several different disciplines to fully fulfil its true potential. When it comes to the world of digital media, professionals with expertise in more than one discipline are extremely rare. It’s actually more cost effective and a much more efficient way of working if you put a team in place who each possess different skills. With a team of said people, the process of creating a successful website can be executed in the correct sequence right from the beginning keeping mistakes to a non existent level and making your website as productive as it can be.

In the world we live in today, digital experiences are becoming so much more than just attractively designed websites, as has been proven over the last few years by websites and apps that look great yet have still failed miserably when it comes to delivering results. It’s all about the experience as a whole now and what it offers that matters when it comes to conversion rates and return on investments. This isn’t achieved in a single interaction with users as was found in a recent survey which discovered around 96% of website users weren’t actually ready to buy. In order to give your conversion rates a real boost, your website needs to offer visitors a path to convert and this can only be done when three key disciplines are adhered to within the team.


Designers are often focused solely on solving problems. They have the ability to create elements that will bring the user experience to life. Many clients when trying to cut costs will often run straight to a designer and expect them to design, create and market their website for them. Unfortunately a designer with the ability to think of conversion is about as rare as can be, as is a marketing professional that’s mastered technology too. Still these disciplines are complementary to each other and necessary in order to create a successful website.


The rise of Internet has forced marketers to really embrace technology. It’s important to remember however that using it and knowing how to create it are two entirely different things. A good marketer will be able to grasp the concept of product development, branding, messaging and optimising a website. To ask them to then understand the complex technological aspects of a website is asking them to spread themselves a little too thin. Whilst there are a number of marketers out there who are looking into understanding technology a little more, here at Wecan Media, we feel that campaigns and conversions are better supported through collaboration with those who specialise in one chosen field. We find it’s those who specialise will often execute to an entirely new level making everyone a winner.


Just like a designer, the technologist(s) is focused on creating solutions also. Marketing objectives will rarely be a focus or any part of the process unless intentionally stated at the beginning. A great technologist will introduce options that marketers and designers wouldn’t otherwise have thought of that may ultimately add viability and value to the final product.

Why it takes a team to build a winner

  • Timing is crucial when it comes to websites. Planning is paramount and skipping the process of planning or skimming through it could have serious consequences. Everything from design, development, search and even conversion and sales could be jeopardised.
  • It’s all in the details. The team will determine design and creation of the paths to conversion. These will then be driven to support the desired outcomes and will finally be executed, so in effect, execution is only as good as your team.
  • The customer experience must be driven with intent on any medium. Gaining insights from every discipline of the team will offer insights that can significantly enhance the user experience.
  • Good leadership is essential. Everyone should know their goals and support should come from the top down, filtering through to each different discipline.
  • Who is on the team is a hugely important matter. Individuals on the team that have been tasked with executing the vision from concept to completion have a much stronger impact than most realise. The success of the website rests on everyone’s shoulders.
  • A quality digital media team won’t wait until after the website is live to begin looking at optimising because if a job is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. Making necessary adjustments afterward could cost you in time and resources.

Although many feel they could handle the responsibility of designing, creating and marketing a website themselves whilst saving a great deal of money, the truth is actually the opposite. When unqualified guidance is used, the cost can be catastrophic in comparison to the minimal expense incurred when using an experienced professional. Failing to professionally integrate the three key areas: design, marketing and technology could seriously harm performance despite the best of intentions.

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