Design principles to help boost conversion rate from our web designers in Manchester

Design principles to help boost conversion rate from our web designers in Manchester

Here at Wecan Media website designers in Manchester, we often have clients asking us to change the colour of this or that to something more subtle or something different entirely. Whilst it may seem like the right idea to go down the aesthetic route, sadly it can sometimes be quite damaging for your business goals. To strike a balance between aesthetics and conversion goals then you need a design that sells and that’s exactly what our digital agency in Liverpool do. Here are just some of the design principles that do exactly that.

Put your call-to-action inside a container

It’s important to distinguish the most important page element and put them in a container right now. All of those call-to-action buttons and lead-gen forms become the most important element for your conversion and should be treated as such. Other elements on the page such as headings and content are simply supporting artists in the movie that is your website. They are there to push visitors attention straight to your conversion goal.

Directional cues

Allow directional cues to point to your straight to your call-to-action. Visitors will immediately follow their direction. This can improve conversion rates hugely.

Make use of your white space

Just imagine visiting the website of a cinema or other local attraction and not being able to locate the booking button. If you’re visitors have to play hide and seek they won’t be amused. By putting your conversion calls onto white spaces, you make them much easier to figure out and find. Obviously you don’t want to over do it as too much whitespace can create a sense of disconnect and make visitors see the call-to-action as a separate element rather than a continuation.

Establish clear visual hierarchies

Powerful visual hierarchies will guide visitors through patterns making them naturally follow the information they need to make a decision. In short it’s more about designing a great layout that will set your visitors expectations for maximum conversions. Design will also allow you to communicate a lot of you know how to establish a good visual hierarchy.

Use colour and contrast

Of all visual cues, colour is probably the most talked about tools along with being the one most like to test. Although you can do random colour testing you’ll often find it’s best to consider the feel that each colour conveys and then test with a valid hypothesis. Although choosing the colour that conveys the best feel, it’s important to remember that it’s just important it be in perfect contrast to the background colours on your page.

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