The basics you need to know about SEO from our SEO agency in Manchester

The basics you need to know about SEO from our SEO agency in Manchester

Back in 1996, Bill Gates declared that content was King when it came to making money from the Internet. He was most certainly right then and still is now. The last few years especially have seen an explosion of content on the web from bloggers discussing their particular niche in the market to businesses discussing their product to grab potential customers attention. That’s a lot of content being produced and a lot for your content to sink beneath so how do you make yours stay afloat instead of drown? One of the easiest things to do is ensure your content ranks for key terms in Google with the help of SEO. Here we look at the basics you need to know when it comes to SEO from our SEO agency in Manchester.

Key terms

Anyone who has a vague knowledge of SEO knows it’s about the key terms at some point or another. Things have changed however and it’s a little more complex; things to remember include your content’s title. The title will often get used as the title tag and it’s the tag that has a lot of influence on the ranking potential for a web page. It must therefore contain the key term you’re targeting.

Key terms in copy

It’s still very important to continue using key terms in the body of the content too but it’s not as complicated as it used to be. You used to have to identify every single key term that people would use when searching for you and then create a page for each key term. Since the introduction of the Hummingbird update however, Google has a much better idea of language. It’s learnt that similar terms can mean the same thing and because of this will display results for both the key terms, producing a much better results page for the user. Here at our SEO agency, because of this we focus on quality over quantity when it comes to content.

Copy length

if you heard a panda could give your business a penalty you’d be shocked but believe it or not, it’s true. The Google Panda update made huge waves when it came along and proceeded to penalise websites with poor quality content. Panda actively seeks out websites that have a low word count on their page and penalises for this. A minimum of 600 words per page will help.

Just remember that SEO is changing all of the time but in spite of this, its basics have been much the same since the beginning. Although you might not have to be a data genius to work it out, SEO can be very difficult and very time consuming which is where our SEO professionals in Manchester can help. We have the knowledge and tools needed to help get your website ranking exactly where it should be, page one of Google.