Our SEO company in Manchester takes a look at the latest penguin update

Our SEO company in Manchester takes a look at the latest penguin update

The Penguin, the algorithm with a reputation for crushing site rankings in Google is imminent (in fact some have suggested as soon as the next few weeks). After a long time coming we’re about to find out just what this update looks like. Many are hoping the rerun of the algorithm will release them from purgatory but we bet this shift will have a rather big surprise or two. Here our SEO company in Manchester takes a look at the Penguin and just what is expected.

With previous Penguin penalties lasting for around two years in some cases, it looks set to ease for ethical search engine optimisers. Google have stated they still want to penalise you, in some cases for possibly a year, however the length of the penalty will be directly related to how much brute force you used in the first place to rank. If you tried to rank with low quality content and links using Blackhat techniques then it’s safe to say you’re probably never coming back.

Should we be worried by Penguin 3?

The question asked by most is whether or not we should we be worried by Penguin 3. If you aren’t buying links and have never done so, choosing instead to stick to organic methods of SEO, then you probably don’t have that much to be concerned about. Instead you should be more worried about Google Panda and overall site and age quality challenges.

The imminent Penguin update could be the biggest thing to hit your marketing efforts this year. It may well turn out to be a false alarm for some but for most, some checks will need to be made. The most important things to look at will be your recent backlinks, we suggest you get rid of any you think are going to be too risky. Unfortunately this algorithm shift looks to be as cuddly as the ones before it, unless of course you’ve addressed website quality issues on the whole. Google will undoubtedly keep handing out penalties for those websites who refuse to adhere to the guidelines otherwise what’s the point of following Google’s rules all of this time?

Don't get slapped by the pengiun update

Whether Google has just hit your website with an algorithm change or algorithmically penalised you then the end result today is that your previously stable rankings probably just got a lot weaker. If the websites that link to you also have quality issues (from the point of view of Google) then sadly you should expect that ranking problem to only worsen over the coming months. Whatever happens, it’s clear that Penguin is the one algorithm you don’t want slapping your website down.

Here at Wecan Media, an SEO company in Manchester we take algorithm changes in our stride. Priding ourselves on using only ethical and organic methods within our SEO pursuits, you can guarantee your website will rank high and stay there. For more information on what we can do for you in the fight against Google algorithms then contact us today.