Tips for maximising your Facebook visibility by our SEO company in Liverpool

Tips for maximising your Facebook visibility by our SEO company in Liverpool

When discussing social media and its effect on organic search results we should be aware that any such discussion would never be complete without considering Facebook and its play for “search” domination. With over 1 billion users, Facebook and its internal community-search platform may well threaten other search models by sheer magnitude of participation and users’ trust of friends, extended networks and themed groups.

This isn’t surprising especially after the latest publicly released statistics that showed 757 million of its registered users logged in at least once a day along with over 1 billion photos being shared per month and over 10 million videos. Couple this with the latest addition of allowing members to search the last 30 days of their news feed and Facebook suddenly becomes quite a key player for any SEO professional.

Although a lot of emphasis will always surround Google and its coveted page one, Facebook is quickly becoming a massive contender so if you think Facebook internal search results won’t matter, think again. Here our SEO company in Liverpool offer a few tips for maximising your Facebook visibility.

Think SEO

In addition to regular wall posts and updates always think SEO. You never know who is going to find it when they’re searching for whatever so create those links and use the important keywords.

Facebook groups

Search results include people’s profiles as well as Facebook pages and groups and although groups were fist thought of as lame, the gravity of them will definitely increase as the Facebook internal search is adopted.

External posts

External content like blogs and news should be well optimised for important keywords, especially the contents title tag. If it’s possible you should post the content where the call to action or contact information is actually in the title tag itself. This gets it to the search results as opposed to requiring a second click through to a page.

Friends help

It’s important to remember that it’s not just the wider (non-friends) Facebook search that matters. Your friends and friends of friends along with networks of friends are just as important and in some cases more so. This is simply because they are more likely to trust you as you’ll be considered ‘local’. It’s quite interestingwhen you explore the implications of a trusted local search network, so as a user it’s important to make yourself aware of how Facebook privacy settings work and make yourself easily discovered.

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