Expected Web Design Trends

Expected web design trends by our Liverpool team of experts

Technology is always changing especially in the field of web design. Every new year trends are coming in to play that offer exciting changes within web design technology. To help keep you up to date we thought we would take a look at some of 2014’s expected web design trends by our Liverpool team of experts here at Wecan Media. With our insider knowledge and web design know how, not to mention our Liverpool based SEO team, getting your website on trend and sailing past your competitors will be easily done.

Exciting Typography

People have also been calling this impending trend ‘font with personality’. In 2014 you will likely begin to see some more exciting typography as expert designers are trying to bring out more interesting ways of type. These fonts will be like nothing you’ve seen before as experimenters begin trying to find new font designs different to anything else. It was first expected that Apple would bring significant changes but instead they focused on iOS7 with its sparkling aesthetic design.

Manipulated imagery

This year you’ll start to get useful tools that will help you manipulate imagery. This means you’ll be able to edit images according to how you want them. This will work wonders for your ranking in the future as Google also may take into consideration duplicate images from one website to another. Being able to create your own original images can only be a good thing. Images as overlays, indistinct images and filters are expected. This year is going to be incredible in terms of significant trends with image manipulation thought to be the big one.

Simple colour schemes

It’s a well known fact that colour can play a vital role when making your website attractive but in 2014 it would seem once again trends are changing. You may begin to see a lot of simply designed websites on the Internet. Of course they’ll come with excellent graphic quality but they’ll also stick with just one or two colours. Designers may choose just one colour as the main and just one for the hue. You might even see some famous combinations too such as monochrome.

All these trends are expected by the end of 2014 but that doesn’t mean they are official rules to stick by. What works for one website may not work for another, that’s why it’s so important to hire a professional company such as us here at Wecan Media, a web DESIGN agency in LIVERPOOL. No matter what your website issue, we will be able to help lead your website to the only place it should be, page one of Google. Just take a look at some of the comments from our current clients to see just what we have already achieved and what we could achieve for you.