Our web design Liverpool team explain the difference between UX and UI

web design Liverpool team explain the difference between UX and UI

Here at Wecan Media we know that not everyone is familiar with web design terms such as user experience and user interface so to explain a little about the two and more specifically their differences is Craig Devine, part of our web design Liverpool team. As is the case with many complex subjects, the only way to explain the difference between two apparently similar things is to first explain exactly what they are and what they do for a website. The understanding of the obvious difference will then naturally follow.

The user Interface is one of the most important parts of any web design

User Interface or UI, as Craig explains, is the way a user interacts with a computer through its software and programmes either via commands or a menu. The user interface is one of the most important areas of any piece of computer software simply because it determines how easily you can do what you want with that programme. So even if your programme is super powerful, if it has a poor quality user interface i.e. too difficult to navigate, then it’s of very little worth.

User Experience or UX, on the other hand focuses on understanding the customer. Craig explains that knowing what they want, what they value and their capabilities along with their behaviour and emotions when using the programme is paramount. UX can loosely be defined as what a user observes and how they respond as a result of the use of a system. It then makes sense when Craig, one of our digital marketing experts, goes on to say that User Experience is very much about the feeling and emotions caused. From this it’s possible to see that User Experience revolves more around visual design, architecture of the site and content perhaps as opposed to the workings such as menu and commands.

To make it simpler still UX could quite possibly be compared to the feeling a footballer would get from being able to score a penalty at a cup final, whereas UI would be the football boots and studs he was wearing that enabled him to do it. Although seemingly very similar at first, from these two explanations it’s quite possible for someone not necessarily from a qualified web design Liverpool team to see the great difference between UX and UI. Equally it’s now possible to see the importance of both when creating a website. Our web design Liverpool team here at Wecan Media know just how much a successful website relies on both in order to ensure it’s easily navigable and fully functioning.

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