Mobile website designers Liverpool company Wecan Media

Mobile website designers Liverpool company Wecan Media

Here at Wecan Media we are seeing more than 40 percent of website traffic accessed via mobile devices. More users year on year are accessing the web via their mobile phone so what does this mean for you and Wecan Media website designers Liverpool team? Well, it means consideration must be given to a mobile strategy.

Consider your main objective

Think of the desktop website and decide what the objective of that website is. When it is first opened what will you initially see that draws you in? A car sales website may open with a large bold picture of the particular brand car they're selling. This would be the main objective. Looking around the picture you may see a robust navigation, a site search and even social media links. When considering a mobile site you need to continue with the main objective but possibly strip down the rest as they aren't usually as complex. You wouldn't necessarily always see social media links and site searches on a mobile site but it doesn't mean you can't hit your visitors just as hard.

Study past data

If your project is a redesign or the addition of a mobile website then hopefully the original desktop website will have been using Google analytics to track traffic. It's always a good idea to study past data before you begin to design or develop a new website, as it'll give you an insight into what works and what doesn't. It'll also show you devices and browsers that your visitors are using to access the website too which is always great information to have. Any decent web design Liverpool Company will do this.

Keep it simple

It's a good idea when creating a mobile website from a desktop one that you keep things as simple as possible. Our website designers Liverpool team advise that it's best to keep file size down as this helps keep loading time down too and the faster your mobile site loads the better. Lack of screen space is also an issue so it's wise to keep design and layout simple; less is definitely more.

Think about making things collapsible

If your website has a lot of information to present then this will help keep things organised and easy to find. Take a single column structure and stack your large chunks of content into folding modules. This allows users to open up content they wish to see and hide the rest.

If you'd like to discuss any mobile site requirements you might have then please feel free to contact us at Wecan Media. Our team of web designers will be happy to show you exactly what they could achieve for your website and online presence.