Ranking in Google

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Ranking your site in Google is often determined by the quality of the links that point to your website and the number of quality links there are. Wecan Media with their Seo agency Liverpool team offer a link building process that involves generating a huge amount of diverse inbound links that not only raise the authority (the perceived importance to Google) but also generate more traffic to your website. The way we do this is by adding links on other websites and in premium directories like Dmoz and Yahoo.

Quality content is king, and always will be. More often than not great fresh content uploaded to your site will help you outperform a site with poor stale content.  So adding content is important along with the analytics reporting and keyword research to help you learn exactly what content is needed to drive more traffic to your web site. Wecan Media can create and publish this content on a weekly basis.

Our Search engine optimisation involves

·         Adding Onsite content (new content of your site, sales copy, promotional text or descriptions)

·         Updating Weekly blog content (great well thought out keyword rich articles)

·         Adding Weekly news content (interesting news articles that people want to read)

The internet has grown to colossal proportions yet the quantity of low-quality websites has increased. To maintain quality and to be able to "organise the world's information and make it useful", over time, Google have had to implement certain measures.

Caffeine, a Google update in 2010 changed the landscape in that results in the index began to be delivered almost in real-time were as previously there was some lag and results were cached. Today, to Google's credit, they're delivering "relevant" results on the fly.

The Penguin update arrived and penalised websites that employed black-hat methods to boost their search engine rankings in breach of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Google launched a war against spam.

The Panda update demoted low-quality websites, so that the sites that provided quality were promoted. Things that were previously used in the algorithm, such as PageRank, were downgraded in terms of importance whilst other ranking factors from real-world conditions were introduced. The idea behind the change was to reward trustworthy sites, rather than pages merely padded for SEO purposes only.

Due to Google's increased emphasis on 'fresh' results, old practices like benchmarking rankings need to change. The results in the SERPs are becoming more dynamic and fluctuate frequently, in some categories hourly.

Building links on sites that do not provide an audience is a useless tactic, especially given that Google is getting better at detecting a site's social popularity.

Google is trying to end the practice of link building and renew the practice with link earning. Content marketing is now very important. In actual fact, you shouldn't need to "market" your content much. Instead, you need to produce content for your particular audience. So the importance is still placed on building an audience by creating good content placed on websites where your target audience are hence you'll earn links through your audience spreading the word.

The important thing for businesses to understand is that they need apply a degree of high importance to setting up a content strategy. This creates a framework for the business and those involved in the content production process. 

It's not just about good content as websites also need to be built with a solid technical foundation. Open Graph tags and Twitter Cards are required to aid with visibility when sharing through social media. Schema.org is a great way to organise and structure data.

This means getting it to a stage where there are no broken internal and external links, minimal redirects, no duplicate titles or content and each page is set up with a unique theme. We musn't forget about user experience too. This will be explained in another article.