The benefits of SEO Packages

An SEO Agency will explain that one article just isn't enough to change your ranking. With online marketing it's not just quality it is also quantity. In order to be successful online you need great content and lots of it.

You will need enough content to fill your website and also article submission to various article directories which help increase your traffic through linking. As a guide 300 - 400 word articles are a good standard to work with being long enough to keep reader interest however not too long to distract them from attempting the task. A common schedule for SEO Agency success is ten 350 word articles submitted to five directories every week or fortnight.

An SEO Agency may offer SEO packages that include shorter write ups, which help to liven up blog sites and websites. Blogs are typically shorter than articles, running 250-300 words. Press releases are an important tool that can help brand your company and announce your presence to the world.

Many web owners find it more convenient to use an SEO Agency rather than try to do it themselves. SEO Pacakages start from as little as £200 per month. Invest in SEO packages and see the difference a constant stream of good content will do for your business.